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Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions are performed for a variety of reasons including tooth decay, injury, and for orthodontic treatment.  Extractions are a relatively common procedure in most dental offices.  The difficulty of the procedure varies depending on the case and the patient; however, anesthesia is used to numb the area and prevent pain during the procedure.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

The most common reason for removal of a tooth is severe decay or breakage of a tooth.  Teeth may also be removed because of:
  • severe tooth decay or infection
  • extra teeth blocking other teeth from growing in
  • severe gum disease
  • room needed for orthodontic treatment
  • a tooth that cannot be restored endodontically
  • fractured teeth
  • room needed for a dental prosthesis (e.g. bridge or denture)
  • cosmetic reasons

Regardless of the reasons a tooth must be pulled, extraction is usually reserved only for cases in which no other treatment option will cure the infection or problem.